Saturday Wake & Bake Tour


Pick up and drop off at La Luna Bakery & Café. Can you think of a better way to start off your Saturday? Join us for a morning tour that optimizes your cannabis knowledge, and the cannabis community network and receive the benefits of using medical cannabis.

Saturday Stay Baked Tour


Pickup and drop off at El Pinto Restaurant. Don't want the morning tour? No problem because we do it all again every Saturday afternoon. Sleep in and see you later for the LUVBUD Tour that educates and connects like-minded medical cannabis users.  

Sunday ABQ Brunch Tour


Pick up and drop off at El Pinto Restaurant (Meal Included) Get an early start on your bud fun. Upon arrival, you will have access to the best the ABQ cannabis community has to offer.

VIP Custom Tours


Looking for that one of a kind bud themed destination experience? Birthdays, couples night, ride and learn? Let's get creative and make your VIP Custom bud fun LUVBUD Tour an awesome and memorable adventure!


LUVBUD Tours -Where its always Awesome!

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A unique interactive tour of the Cities finest Medical cannabis dispensaries/community with time to enjoy lunch and shopping too! Maximize your bud buying time with LUVBUD Tours. 

LUVBUD Tours Mission Statement

Our desire is to educate you on the wellness of cannabis use while providing a safe, exclusive and enjoyable experience that you will want to share with friends.